Bell FVL Year in Review

Marking another year of major milestones, Bell starts 2022 with the Future Vertical Lift solutions U.S. Army Modernization needs. The V-280 Valor is the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft that will help Army Aviation compete and win. Having already demonstrated best-in-class speed and range, while enabling unsurpassed reach in the future, the V-280 is ready now.


Bell is also proud to support the Army with its Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft, the 360 Invictus, which will change the lives of aviators, maintainers and the next generation warfighter.

Why The Army Must Modernize Now

Army modernization ensures strategic deterrence on a multi-domain battlefield. But that's not all. Watch what it will take to give our troops the superior weapons systems they deserve so they can come home after every fight.
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The Bell V-280 FLRAA – Demonstrating Agility at the X

When the mission calls for getting troops to the "X," you need a weapons system that can fly them there and be agile enough to make adjustments if needed. That's what Bell designed the V-280 to do and then demonstrated it.
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Bell’s V-280 has Reach

Bell is ready now to revolutionize Army Aviation. Check out the aircraft that puts "long range" in Future Long Range Assault Aircraft.
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